Rihanna accepted her CFDA Fashion Icon Award tonight in a completely sheer, crystallized halter gown, with a blush pink fox fur stole, and a rhinestone headwrap. Just let that sink in.

Not too long ago, she was braless with a bubblegum pink pixie sitting courtside at a basketball game (no I’m not going to Google what the hell game it was, I could care less)

And a little while back, she brought underboob to the Met Gala red carpet, courtesy of Stella McCartney. How does she do it? The common answer is she can pull it off.

I’m a firm disbeliever in “pulling it off.” As if to look good, one must be magical with an ability to surpass all logic and reason, and wear something only they could wear with a little fairy dust and an Abracadabra. As if all other mere mortals are dizzied and dazzled by their slight of hand, knowing should they dare try, they would surely melt.


I haven’t the time for “pulling it off.” And fashion isn’t about elitism, even if we are talking about an Icon.


Truth be told I’ve been called one of those pull-it-offers many times so I may be a bit biased, but no I wasn’t born with it. I wasn’t born with anything. I just kept at it. I would get teased for something and keep wearing it. Even if my feelings were hurt.

Rihanna, on the other hand was born with a lot of things. Magical pulling-it-off-ity ain’t one of ’em. What RiRi does have is a perfect mix of getting it right and complete nonchalance over how right it is. That attitude is probably the hardest thing to wear, really. Why? Because unlike Rihanna, you probably do care. About what someone will think if you show your nipples. or if people will get that you meant to wear your doobie as part of your outfit, not that you were too lazy to unwrap your hair.

Conquer the voices in your head, queens and that invisible halter gown is yours for the taking. TADAAAAAAH!


Images: Vanity Fair, E! Online 

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