Jascmeen is a twenty-something fashion writer living in Los Angeles. For a long time she wrote about everything BUT her two loves– hair and streetwear. After a less than successful hair cut, Jascmeen wrote an essay that would prove to be a career milestone. It involved an afro wig, New York Fashion Week, and a lot of streetstyle photogs. The post was well received and prompted her to make a career change, focusing more heavily on Black hair and issues relating to women of color in the fashion and beauty industries.

Jascmeen has written every kind of highlighting and contouring article imaginable and knows more about the Kardashians than she probably should. She is also an avid collector of wigs, SUPREME, and all other Hypebeast-y essentials. If you’re curious (which you most likely are) Jascmeen’s most frequently used emojis are heart eyes, smiley with no mouth, and side eye.

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    January 13, 2016


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