Remember that time I wore an Afro wig to fashion week? This is sort of like that.

I work myself up before every major event. Not finding something to wear when needing something to wear is of the utmost importance, is my (ahem) style.

It was my first Coachella (pathetic, I’ve been in LA for almost five years) and the stakes were high. The desert vibes meant there would be three things I would need to balance: not dying of a heatstroke, some sort of festive flair, and of course, minimalism.

Fun fact: I’m not a marathon shopper. I walk in with some overthought fantasy of finding, let’s say, a plunging crepe kimono dress that falls just below the knee, and upon realizing that it doesn’t exist…I’m over it. I love my basics and I have NO problem wearing this sheer H&M tank top every day on every occasion.

Another fun fact: I have an inspo folder on my phone and I’ve had this cool cornrow style saved in there for quite some time. “Hey I could do this for Coachella,” I said aloud into my phone. “Festive, won’t have to deal with the mini fro, it’ll amp up the basics.”

I couldn’t find the triangular hooks the model was wearing plus they were braided into the cornrows, which seemed too risky. If I ended up not liking it, I’d lose the braids and the decoration when taking it out. I decided to use safety pins instead. I could stick them into my braids and just take ’em out if it turned out weird. (This is all happening on Tuesday. Coachella started on Friday.)

My friend Aliky was down to do my last minute cornrows and I ordered 400 safety pins using Angelica’s mom’s Amazon Prime account. (Desperate times, man…) It took about an hour and a half for Aliky to do my straight backs and two hours for me to put the safety pins in later on. I was unsure about the outcome after the first braid but went with it anyway.

I posted my handiwork on IG. People dug it. Whatevz, there’s absolutely no other time or place this look would work so why not.


I grabbed some tea before driving down to Coachella

“Hey your hair is cool! Guys you have to come see this! How long did that take?” -Baristas

Then we fueled up before hitting the road

“Hey that’s cool, how long did that take?” -Gas Station Attendant

We finally got to the fairgrounds

“Cool hair. I like that!”- The Guy Who Checks the Bracelets


As the night went on, people got bolder.

“Girl I wish I had a magnet!”

“Can I Snapchat you?”

“Can I take a picture of you?”

“How long did that take?”

“Will you take a picture with me?!”

“How long did that take?”

“I wish I could pull that off!”

“How long did that take?”

Among semi nude people dressed as butterflies and covered in glitter, me and my pins were getting some major Coachella love. Cool! Thanks! Ummm, about 4 hours altogether. Thanks for asking!

A few weirdos actually walked up to me and touched my hair. I just assumed it was drugs and told my squad to chill JUST THIS ONCE.


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