I think we’ve all concluded after the Palmolive experiment, that I’m down to try just about anything. Last week on my wash day I was home for the holidays and without my sacred sacred coconut oil. A pre-poo is really a must for my dry hair so I started searching through my parents’ cabinets for a suitable alternative.

I thought for sure I’d find some olive oil, avocado oil, or castor oil, but nope. Nothing. The only oil I found was corn oil. After a quick search online I found that corn oil does have benefits for hair. It’s got vitamin K to prevent hair loss, vitamin E which is a natural antioxidant, and tons of fatty acids that hair loves. I was (of course) protective styling so it seemed like the perfect time to take a chance.

I slathered my hair with the oil as I sectioned and detangled then I sat with the oil on chunky braids for about a half an hour. When I removed the braids my hair was the softest it has EVER been. SUCCESS! PARTY TIME! CE-LE-BRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON!

Wait, hold up.



While I was pre-pooing a bit of oil got on my neck. Totally normal. Then came the itching. Then my neck turned red. Then came the welts. Everywhere the oil touched there were hives, welts, and red blotches. Why Lord, why!

I did a bit more research and found the problem. There’s a big difference between the corn oil you may have in  your cabinet and the corn oil you can use on your hair and body. (DUH, JASCMEEN!) Cheaper corn oils that are sold for cooking are often mixed with filler oils to keep the price low. Also depending on how it’s created, it could have undergone processes that completely eliminate all the elements beneficial for hair. Whatever was in the “corn oil” in my parents’ kitchen was no friend to my skin and probably wasn’t the best for my hair either. No worries, I got the same epic level of softness with organic corn oil I picked up later on. Let’s just hope that by the time I return to my parents’ house they haven’t cooked away all my good oil. (Could you imagine?)

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