How I Babied My Hair During New York’s Record-Breaking Low Temperatures

I have a tendency to border on the dramatic when the subject of weather comes up. I’m a West Coast-er who only has to deal with real cold and real coats one time of the year— New York Fashion Week. In an effort to protect my already dry hair, I devised a plan for maximum style options, ultimate babying, and stellar growth.

I created a new regimen that kept my dry hair moisturized even with freezing wind, here’s what I did.


After my usual wash routine, I styled my hair into chunky “Bye Felicia” braids. These make it easy to oil my scalp and seal my ends nightly. My NYFW plan was to pack 7 (yes, 7!) different wigs that required no leave-out. I’d protect my hair by wearing a wig with a satin bonnet every day. No slip-ups, no breaks.

Another part of my plan was sticking to a strict nighttime routine. I’d start by oiling my scalp with Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Not for too long, just until my arms get tired. Then either Cantu Leave-in or coconut oil on my ends. You can read a bit about how much this routine has helped my growth and length retention here.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.13.29 AM

Sure, it felt a little weird to walk around with a bonnet on under a wig but it was worth it. My hair retained moisture like it never had before. Usually after a week in a New York winter I need an intense hair mask, but not this time. I was able to do my normal co-wash routine and that was it.

Here’s a rundown of all 7 wigs I wore during Fashion Week. They’re all by Outré and you can find them in your local Beauty Supply.


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