If you’re in LA and haven’t been to the new Nike store at The Grove, get there. (Extra points if you walk in eating a Sprinkles cupcake too, just to throw everyone off.) I was enjoying the beauty of the store (and my cupcake) when a group of friendly sales associates offered to do a bra fitting for me. I was quick to hit ’em with, “You probably don’t carry my size.” Anything above a C cup is hard to find and I’m wayyy past a C cup at this point.

The woman said, “Well we go up to E cup in our Nike Pro Hero bras, would you like to see one of those?” HELL YEAH I WOULD LIKE TO SEE ONE OF THOSE! I’m used to wearing bras from Fredericks of Hollywood which sizes like this: D, DD, DDD/F but the Nike Pro Hero sizes like this: D, DD, E. I usually wear a 38 DD or 36 DDD/F in my favorite Frederick’s bra (it’s this one if  you’re curious. I of course cut the little charm off IMMEDIATELY.) Anyway, I got measured and as expected the sales woman suggested I try on a 38 DD and the 36 E.

The sales associate encouraged me to try on both the Nike Pro Hero and the Nike Pro Rival. Both have individual cups and comfy thick straps, the only difference is the Hero has hook and eye closures while the Rival is a racerback. I knew immediately I wanted the Hero so I could get away with wearing the bra for everyday and under tank tops. The Rival’s racerback would mean it would solely function as a sports bra and where’s the fun in that? I tried it on anyway and honestly I have never felt that level of security in a bra of any kind. It was practically a harness! There was no way I could ever pop out of that thing even if I tried. It’s not the most pleasant thing to put on, though. Imagine pulling a large rubber band over your head then having to pick up each breast and put it inside the cups or bend over and try to pour ’em in there. It was a lot. (I still plan on buying it at some point. It was that good.)

For the time being I went with the Nike Pro Hero and I ended up getting the 36 DD, not the 38 F. If you look at the picture below I could totally have gone with the F but it was a bit too close under my armpits and I was worried that would annoy me when working out. So yeah it may not look like a perfect fit but trust me, it is SECURE.

Notes on this hair: this is a synthetic wig by Freetress called Creta Girl. It’s about 20 bucks and I finger combed the hell out of it to get this froth. It should be at your local beauty supply or you can order it here.

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