A while ago I reviewed Kenya Moore’s Moore Hair Care line on my YouTube channel. Warning: it was one of my first vids and not exactly my finest cinematic effort. NBD, I feel like I got my point across (it’s a good line, try the shea butter masque.)

Kenya posted a clip of my vid on her IG which was… (say it with me now) pretty cool :)

#KenyaMooreHairCareMonday I came across this video review on #youtube. I do not know this lady but it’s an honest review. We get questions about #naturalhair girls all the time. @jascmeen has natural hair and the products work! #KenyaMooreHairCare is extremely moisturizing and nourishing. We do not guarantee hair growth but our formulations focus on strengthening and reconstructing your hair so that it is stronger and grows longer. One key element is the #KenyaMoore haircaregrowthserum. This should be used on wet or dry hair everyday to retain the moisture in the hair. Luxury products at affordable prices. Go to to order now #naturalhair #haircrush #longhairdontcare #longhairjourney #hiarcareproducts #hairgrowth #noweave

A video posted by Kenya Moore (@thekenyamoore) on

Not exactly sure why I sound like a chipmunk lol, but I appreciate her showing my video some love. She even sent me a care package so expect to see another in depth review of some of her goodies.

If you’ve tried Moore Hair Care, holla at me and let me know your thoughts :)

Here’s the original vid for your viewing pleasure

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